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Welcome to my blog: Home Risky Home, the safety talk for house owners. My name is Barbara Mossop.  I’ve been a home owner in Toronto for over 20 years. Before coming to Toronto, I worked for several mines in Canada’s north.

Safety is always “Priority #1” at the mines.  Holding weekly team safety talks is one of the many tools used for keeping safety at the top of everyone’s mind.  Even the office workers had safety talks. On my teams, we took turns preparing and presenting the safety message for the week.  Afterwards we discussed any safety concerns that needed to be addressed in our workplace.

My goal for this blog is to be the house/home safety talk destination for everyone to use.  This is an on-line experiment for me.  I hope that you will find “Home Risky Home” interesting and useful.  I look forward to receiving your feedback.


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